The Culture Committee is an important staple for the survival and renewal of our people. We hope this site is useful and helps strengthen the bond to our language, our traditions and our past.

  • Qe es nte qeqs čšt̓im qeqs k̓ʷłqeyxʷm n̓e taqs hoy taqs oo̓st łu sqlix̣ʷlč̓musšn.
  • The salish-Pend d'Oreille Culture Committee seeks to preserve, protect and perpetuate the living culture and traditional way of life of our people.

History & Organization - Tsq͏̓i Smim̓iʔ u Qe Nk̓͏ʷul̓mn

The Salish - Pend d' Oreille Culture Committee was first created in 1974-75 in response to the urgent concern of many traditional elders that we need to take strong action to ensure that out culture would be carried on by younger generations, and by the generations yet to come. Since that time, we have worked hard in many areas to ensure that both our language and way of life will always survive and flourish.

Qe Sck̓͏ʷlk̓͏ʷul̓ - Activities

  • Traditional tribal cultural events and activities
  • Annual Bitterroot Dig & Feast
  • Salish Language Classes
  • History & Culture Archives. Photographic Archives and Historical Collections management
  • Tribal History and Ethnogeography Projects
  • Consultation / advising federal, state, and local governments
  • Bi-annual visits to Medicine Tree
  • Recording elders' oral histories and cultural knowledge
  • Cultural orientation for Tribal and non-Tribal departments and programs
  • Public educational outreach and presentations
  • Development of Language and Cultural Learning Resources and Materials
  • Gathering of Traditional Plants & Foods

Usšneɫxʷ - Longhouse

The Salish Longhouse - is an important center of tribal cultural life. Use of this building is strictly reserved for traditional activities and tribal use. The following is a prioritized list of allowed uses of this space:

  • Wakes and funerals
  • Memorial feasts
  • Traditional cultural activities (e.g., Jump Dances and Bitterroot Feasts) and SPCC events
  • Salish-Pend d'Orille Elders Cultural Advisory Council meetings
  • Salish Language & Culture Camp
  • Tribal meetings and use by other tribal departments

P̓iip̓x̣͏ʷot - Tribal Elder and Contributors

Rita Adams
Mary Jane Charlo
Sophie Haynes
Stephen Smallsalmon
Shirley Trahan
Vi Trahan
Lucy Vanderburg
Janie Wabaunsee
Maxine McDonald

*Felicite McDonald
*Noel Pichette
*Patrick Pierre
*Hank Baylor
*Dolly Linsebigler
*Louie Adams
*Clara Bourdon
*Eneas Vanderburg
*Clara Charlo
*Virgie Brockie
*Joe Vanderburg
*Andy Woodcock
*Dorthy Woodcock

SQCC Staff Members

Antoine Incashola - Director
Shirley Trahan - Senior Translator & Language Advisor
Sadie Peone - Historical Collections & Office Manager
Chaney Bell - Salish Language Coordinator
Steve Arca – Séliš-Ql̓ispé Language Teacher
Cierra Jeppesen – Séliš-Ql̓ispé Language Teacher
Richard Alexander - Keeper of the Longhouse
Thompson Smith - History & Geography Projects
Nalani Linsebigler - Receptionist